Colton Superfast Broadband Why it's important and how we can get it......Mike Postle (

….and so closer to home.

Connecting Cumbria are reporting that they are on target to meet their phase 1 obligations by the end of this month. Because of the extra money that has been allocated to the project, phase 1 will continue to deliver beyond its contractual targets until March at the latest – adding another 2,000 properties (approx.)


A national state subsidised scheme for basic broadband is expected to be launched on December 14th – details will be on the Connecting Cumbria web site. Very much a stop gap solution and, unless you live in a very isolated spot, I would guess is not worth considering until you know if phase 2 will bring SFBB to you.


Phase 2 Initial surveys are scheduled for completion next month but details may be released later. More use of ‘onesie’ cabinets (!) to reach more remote areas – cheaper.