Colton Superfast Broadband Why it's important and how we can get it......Mike Postle (

Bouth Connected!

Those of you who have waited for the cabinet on the way out of Bouth towards the Causeway to be connected up, need wait no longer. You are now officially connected and will be able to order fibre broadband. Looking at the map, my guess is that most of you will be able to get better than 24Mb/s ie superfast broadband (SFBB) and certainly all in the village will be able to get a lot faster connection than currently.
Remember though that you need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask SFBB – it will not come to you automatically. Remember also that your ISP may not have been notified yet (it can take a couple of weeks or so) and it’s just possible that your ISP will not offer the facility – in which case you will need to migrate to another ISP if you want it. Experience in the County is that SFBB usually runs out about the same price or even cheaper than the old ADSL connection – as always it’s worth shopping around. (Meanwhile I’ll sulk in the slow lane!!)