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Latest - Newby Bridge Cabinet Enabled

newby bridge SFBB


The Newby Bridge cabinet which serves the Lakeside and Finsthwaite part of our Parish has just been fibre enabled.


If you live in the area in the central part of the map – which covers the part of the Parish from Newby Bridge Hotel up to Lakeside hotel – you should expect to get 24 Mb/s or more. Looking at the map, most people in Finsthwaite, although not likely to get this sort of speed, should be getting a considerable improvement over what’s been on offer hitherto.


Check it out on (Remember to accept the conditions on their web site or you will not be able to find the map. Note also that they have not updated the map and changed the colour of this circle of the map from pink to blue)


Important: you will not receive the SFBB service automatically: you have to check with your internet service provider (ISP) that the service is available through them. If not, you may have to change your ISP.


Would be good to have feedback as to how things work out for you when you do get connected. What speeds are you actually getting? What’s the benefit to you?