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November UK News

Last month saw some interesting broadband developments UK wide – so here’s a brief update for those who missed them.


Firstly it was announced that the Government will introduce a new Ofcom Universal Service Obligation (USO) that will give everyone the legal right to request an ‘affordable’ broadband connection capable of delivering a minimum of 10 Mb/s by 2020. This puts broadband on a similar footing to other basic services – water, electricity …….. Then of course it’s all down to enforcement.


Then the Spending Review and Autumn Statement confirmed the spending of public funds amounting to £1.7 billion to take SFBB to 95% of UK premises by the end of 2017 (ie the roll-out of phase 2).


Mention was made (but made no final commitment given) to a new broadband investment fund. Interesting that the fund would support the growth of alternative network developers. This could boost the number of alt-nets investing in faster fibre to the premises solutions.


What was obvious though was the Government is expecting to reap some substantial savings from using SFBB connectivity – especially from HMRC and online filing of tax returns.


The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) pledged to further improve consumer switching between broadband ISP and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to investigate if they are hiding the true cost of their services via line rentals, teaser rates etc. Proposals in the Spring.


Finally – Ofcom has just launched its WiFi checker app which allows tablet and smartphone users to check on how good their WiFi is (ie the wireless connection between your router and device within your home) and gives some tips to improve things. (Even Christmas tree lights can slow your WiFi connection down!). Check it out on Not a complete check (no mention of channels) but maybe some use.