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Phase 2 and the Oxen Park Area

The worst served broadband area in the Parish is currently the area around Oxen Park with frequent down time and speeds very little better than dial up. This is causing increasingly severe problems for the 17+ businesses and voluntary organisations and has been a source of frequent complaints.


There was considerable dismay when the final phase 1 maps were produced when it became obvious that, contrary to what we were led to believe, the area would be untouched by phase 1 and would have to struggle on with what it had.


Since then, the Parish Council has thrown its weight behind a detailed report, which was then submitted to Connecting Cumbria, showing the effects of the phase 1 decision (thanks to those who replied to the survey) and making suggestions as to how the area might be cost effectively connected.


There’s been quite a bit of correspondence as a result of this and the news is now looking more hopeful. We’ve had confirmation that the area is part of the phase 2 intervention area and that the area looks a ‘good candidate’ for phase 2.


No timescale yet although it is probable that we will hear something before the end of the year. Meantime we keep the dialogue going making sure we engage with Connecting Cumbria on a regular basis.