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Oxen Park now Live

I received formal notification that cabinet 4 in Oxen Park is now live. Actually, it looks as if it has been connected for some time and the checker has indicated that superfast broadband has been available before now. If you want to check what’s available to you, use this link and enter your phone number.
It is to be hoped that as many people as possible will take advantage of the new facility as this helps finance further installations in the County through the ‘gain share’ programme whereby BT puts more money into the pot as take-up increases. Usual reminder that getting superfast is not automatic: you need to ask for it through an internet service provider. It’s worth shopping around, asking a number of ISPs as, even if you eventually stick with the same ISP, you will have something to bargain with. Experience up and down the County, shows that the cost of upgrading is usually very little more (on occasions less) than you are currently paying.
A useful leaflet on choosing a broadband supplier was made available at the February meeting in the Carthouse. Anyone wanting a copy, just e-mail me please.
The ADSL service in Oxen Park has been one of the worst in terms of speed and reliability in the Parish so switching to connections via this new cabinet should improve speeds dramatically. The reliability issues may or may not be solved by switching – but I’m optimistic that they will see some improvement. (Wires on poles over wet fields are never ideal!).