Colton Superfast Broadband Why it's important and how we can get it......Mike Postle (

Some useful links

Both the workshops at Greenodd and Finsthwaite earlier this month were well attended and dealt with some of the issues which were relevant to each community. Phil, in his usual engaging way, took us through a lot of useful information concerning the increasing importance of using superfast broadband to access a wide range of services, to create jobs and make real savings. His presentation can be found on the Connecting Cumbria web site or by clicking this link - digital inclusion. It’s well worth looking at.
There are three really useful pages of links to other sites which list sites for Speed testing, On line training & Education, Help & advice sources, Health & Support Solutions, Media and Communications. There’s also a useful check list for choosing and ISP and how to save money doing it. They can be accessed from the presentation or by clicking the links below:
We’ll try to organise another event when a few more of us have been connected to superfast broadband.