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Updates - and a reminder

First of all – a Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope we continue to make good progress in getting SFBB to our Parish.
I’ve been advised that the final hurdle for Oxen Park has been surmounted and that the fibre cabinet is poised for installation. However we’ve still not got a final date for when the work will be done.
For those of us in Colton Hamlet, the news is that the gain share modelling has been completed and the results are with BDUK – the Government Body which is responsible for approvals. Again there’s a ‘however’. This time it’s the fact that we don’t yet know where the fibre structures are, which have been modelled, so we don’t know if our part of the world is included. Fingers etc crossed!
Finally a reminder. Those of you who have access to SFBB need to contact your ISP to get it. I understand that about 10% of the newly connected Finsthwaite/Newby Bridge properties are connected to FTTP now. The County average is running at about 30% so hopefully we can move towards that figure fairly quickly. Apart from encouraging the use of a far better service (at little or no extra cost), a good take-up benefits everyone through the ‘gain share’ mechanism which gives money back to Connecting Cumbria to extend SFBB rural coverage.